Osborne Park Association Inc.

The Osborne Park Association Inc was founded in 1999 out of a community desire for the historically significant property known as Osborne House, its Stables and environs to be retained in public ownership.

With a primary purpose of ensuring the history of the property is retained and augmented, and that the fabric of all the socially, culturally and historically significant buildings be maintained and enhanced in perpetuity.

The Osborne Park Association Inc works to:

Educate the public about the significance of Osborne House and environs as stated in, but not limited to, the listings in the National Trust Register (No.935), the Register of the National Estate (No.003651) and the Historic Buildings Council Register (No.1101).

To involve current tenants of Osborne House and environs, as well as other organisations and individuals who express interest in the area, in all OPA activities.

To liaise, co-operate and affiliate with other organisations that have objectives or purposes that are consistent with those of OPA.

Prevent the privatisation and/or degradation of the site and to ensure that any planned or proposed redevelopment of the site is limited to those of an educational or recreational nature for the benefit of the general community.