Update on the Osborne House Sustainable Development Plan

Just to re-cap: CoGG Council voted in July 2018, to retain Osborne House in community ownership and accepted a recommendation for a Master Plan to be created. This Master Plan was presented to Council in August 2019 but was rejected because it failed to reflect said motion of elected councillors.

Osborne House New Renovations – Update

The photos reveal the stages of renovation for the 1910 Percy Everett designed Ballroom at Osborne House, which was officially opened by former Cr Eddy Kontelj on Australia Day 2017.

Osborne House First Stages of the new Ballroom Renovations

These are the first stages of the renovation of the ballroom at Osborne House – the 1910 extension added by the Geelong Harbour Trust at the insistence of Mrs Parrington of Toorak in order for her to lease the property to operate as a high class guest house.

Update on Osborne House since the 25th of February Council meeting.

At the CoGG Council meeting of 25th February 2020, councillors voted unanimously to accept the recommendations of council officers regarding Agenda Item 4: Osborne House – Sustainable Development Plan (see attached) The Osborne Park Association (OPA) who has been the main protagonists in this saga for many years, supported these recommendations, having worked with council […]