Update on the Closure of Osborne House

The Property is closed to all Tenant & User groups and the Public indefinitely

Work has started on maintenance issues at Osborne House but it’s going to be a long slow process.

In March 2017 each area of the building complex was assessed by an external hygienist appointed by City of Greater Geelong. Based on his report to council, a program of mould cleaning and maintenance was established and work began in early January 2018.

A conservator and three assistants have commenced work in the Vietnam Veterans meeting rooms and Museum. All fixtures, fittings, furniture and museum artifacts have to be checked, tested, cleaned and as appropriate, packed and stored.

This same procedure will apply to all leased areas of Osborne House: ie: that which accommodates –

· Geelong Maritime Museum and Geelong Memorial Brass Band in the Stables complex

· Geelong Museum Association in the Mansion

· The Osborne Park Association, Corio Bay Camera Club, VIGEX and Geelong Model & Experimental Engineers in the East Wing

· The British Farm Machinery Restoration Group and Rotary-in-Kind in the Depot Yard.

All of these groups have found alternative venues or meeting rooms for the foreseeable future. Please contact the group secretary for inquiries regarding their meeting times and venues.

The Osborne Park Association meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at theThe Osborne Park Association meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at the Leisure Time Centre, Anakie Road, Bell Park at 7pm.

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