Osborne Park Update

Since January 2018 the process of removing all furniture and effects from all areas of Osborne House has been underway. Conservators and contractors have removed, cleaned and packed and in some instances, discarded if contaminated, collection items from the Maritime Museum, the Geelong Museum Association’s House museum, the Vietnam Veterans Association museum as well as all 12 tenant groups.

Carpets and curtains (some of which were installed in the 1970s) have been removed and continuous mould checks have been conducted in all areas. The media reports of May 2017 asserted that the building was covered in mould throughout and this was completely false and misleading. Mould spores were found in less than 20% of the 90+ spaces in Osborne House and Stables. It was located where known roof leaks occurred, where spouting and drainage was known not to cope in a torrential downpour and where old carpet had been wet during these rain events. The main building was not, as also reported, derelict in some areas; it was exactly as the Shire of Corio left it when the staff moved out following amalgamation in 1993. With community groups being the only occupants during the intervening years, maintenance and upgrades to 2017/18 standards were not undertaken in the expectation that a future developer or business plan would be responsible for what was required to meet their own needs.

In 2009 a Conservation Management Plan for the Osborne House precinct, prepared by Lovell Chen, Architects and Heritage Consultants, was adopted by CoGG Council. The recommendations of this report set out exactly what is required to conserve, restore and protect, Osborne House , the Stables and environs. Following the vote at Council on 24 July, Lovell Chen were again engaged to update their 2009 report. These 2 documents are the blue print for the conservation and management of the Osborne House site into the future.

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Councilor Column

With the ongoing strong support and encouragement from the community, for some 10 years now, I along with others have been advocating for and working to protect the future sustainabilty of Osborne House.

Update on the Osborne House Sustainable Development Plan

Just to re-cap: CoGG Council voted in July 2018, to retain Osborne House in community ownership and accepted a recommendation for a Master Plan to be created. This Master Plan was presented to Council in August 2019 but was rejected because it failed to reflect said motion of elected councillors.