Osborne Park Master Plan

A Master Plan is currently being created for Osborne Park by council appointed consultants Hansen Partnerships.

As part of the Community Consultation process there is survey for completion on the council website.

Go to www.geelongaustralia.com.au and have your say on the future of Osborne Park.

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Councilor Column

With the ongoing strong support and encouragement from the community, for some 10 years now, I along with others have been advocating for and working to protect the future sustainabilty of Osborne House.

Update on the Osborne House Sustainable Development Plan

Just to re-cap: CoGG Council voted in July 2018, to retain Osborne House in community ownership and accepted a recommendation for a Master Plan to be created. This Master Plan was presented to Council in August 2019 but was rejected because it failed to reflect said motion of elected councillors.