City of Greater Geelong passes motion to retain Osborne House in Community ownership.

On 24 July 2018 the elected Councillors for the City of Greater Geelong passed a motion to retain Osborne House in Community ownership.

You can view the entire motion on council’s website

but items 3 and 4 are important elements:

Cr Kontelj moved, Cr Aitken seconded – That Council:

3) Complete a Master Plan and Business case for the future use of Osborne Park, Osborne House and the Stables, taking into consideration suggestions and recommendations from the Conservation Management Plan for Osborne House and Stables 2009;

4) Accepts Master Planning for the entire site, including Osborne House and the Stables must be completed by December, 2018:

a) The Master Planning process, which also consists of scoping and costing the required restoration and development works, must include public and community consultation with relevant stake holders such as Osborne Park Association, Vietnam Veterans, Corio Bay Camera Club, Geelong Memorial Brass Band, Maritime Museum, North Geelong Football, Netball and Cricket Club and other Osborne House/Park tenants;

Subsequently, a Draft Concept Osborne Park Plan was created by the appointed consultants and placed on council’s website for a period of 3 weeks for comment by the public.

At the April 2019 meeting of the Osborne Park Association, the Draft Concept plan was unanimously rejected by the members as it was considered it did not reflect the intent of the motion of 24 July 2018 and a submission was forwarded to council detailing this Association’s concerns.

The Draft Concept plan can be viewed and downloaded on the Osborne Park Downloads Page.

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Just to re-cap: CoGG Council voted in July 2018, to retain Osborne House in community ownership and accepted a recommendation for a Master Plan to be created. This Master Plan was presented to Council in August 2019 but was rejected because it failed to reflect said motion of elected councillors.